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For years, I have shared my story in conferences and meetings, receiving overwhelming feedback as to how it has helped others overcome the trauma of abuse and free themselves from abusive relationships.

I am so excited to share my new book with you. A non-fictional narrative, which will take you on a journey of love, loss and redemption.

I believe this book will empower you to have hope in the midst of despair.

It's called Shadows in the Darkness, because you cannot see shadows, in the dark.

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"Can a diamond’s shine be restored?

Gorgeous, talented and ambitious, Amelia Nasario had the world at her feet.

She had a job that she loved, was a talented singer and lived happily at home with her mum and family. But then she fell in love for the first time.

No one knew what was going on behind closed doors, it was an unimaginable secret that she was too afraid to share, a secret that could cost Amelia her life…"