In 1992 Bishop Dr Margaret Ferreira vision to embark on a humanitarian mission to a war tone country, where she gathered financial contributions, clothing, medical aid, non-perishable food from colleagues at the BBC, and embarked on a seven-day road trip to Bosnia.

The mission almost ended in catastrophe when the passengers in the vehicle immediately ahead were massacred by the soldiers. Whilst Ferreira and her passengers were ordered to line up against a wall by armed soldiers, a terrifying moment indeed, while there were questioned.

After an hour of sheer terror of investigation, they were permitted to enter what she termed “tantamount to the gates of hell”, greeted by a hauling disquiet. 

All male persons had been massacred, leaving women and children with physical and emotional scars.

The successful life-threatening, humanitarian mission produced substantial public attention in the media.

This left a lasting impact on her which led to the establishment of a Ministry with a vision for the needy around the world.


Bishop Dr Margaret's humanitarian work around the world and including Uganda has been recognised by a slew of charity organisations around the world including the Red Cross.

Consequently, in 2018, she was nominated as ‘UK Goodwill Ambassador Uganda Red Cross' Society'. 

Bishop Dr Margaret actively participates in the relief efforts designed to fight hunger, disease and malnutrition in the world.

Bishop Dr Margaret actively participates in the relief efforts designed to fight hunger, disease and malnutrition in the world.

The aim is to provide aid and physically help to those who are less privileged, this is constructed by supporting aid organisations, charities and countries.​

The mission has succeeded in assisting the Salvation Army by providing meals to the homeless.

  • Donated clothes, food and financially aided children's orphanages in Africa.

  • Independently Provided and delivered cooked meals to the homeless in the United Kingdom.


  • Collected and delivered donations of clothing from the public to Centrepoint Homeless Charity in the United Kingdom.

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During Covid-19 City of Worship ministers delivered care packages to church members who live locally and have arranged for other members from various regions to received their package by post.